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For many years, architects, interior designers and developers have been trying to produce a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail.

EzyJamb® was developed by Studco Building Systems® to do just that and more! Our manufacturing process of cold rolled steel with a patented profile produces a strong and secure assembly. The Jamb can be made for any wall thickness and comes with perforated sides to allow for flush jointing, giving the doorway a clean line look. EZYJamb is simple to install and requires no special maintenance.

As manufacturers of the world renowned EzyJamb door jamb systems, EZ Concept’s openings and finishings products produce minimalistic flush finishes by eliminating trims, baseboards and traditional timber systems for commercial, residential and industrial interiors. We also have a complete range of specialty hinges and hardware to suit different applications and get the look designers want.

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